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​​​​​2018 - Taking a Step Back

Over the last several years we’ve used M’Cheyne daily reading plan, a couple chronological plans,

a general overview of each book, and a Who’s Who of the Bible. This year we have another yearlong Bible reading plan that will take us through chronologically.

As you read each day, our hope is that you willjot down a few notes about what you have read.

The next day look at what you wrote about the day before. Considerwhere you are in the Bible and where the passage you are reading fits into the "bigger picture" of God's message to us. Once a week, once a month, once a quarter, stop and review your notes.

Commit to reading through the Bible this year. Pray that through the daily study of the Word of God you will hear his call to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and daily commit to serve God.